AIM-AHEAD Research Fellowship 2023

Mentoring at your finger tips!

Welcome to AIM-AHEAD Research Fellowship Mentoring Program!

The AIM-AHEAD Research Fellowship Mentoring Program is to connect current Research Fellowship Cohort 2 fellows with an AIM-AHEAD Mentors and provide the fellows with field expertise.

All Research Fellows in Cohort 2 will have one AIM-AHEAD Mentor that will be chosen through the AIM-AHEAD Research Fellowship Mentoring Program. The AIM-AHEAD Mentors will be chosen from a pool of AIM-AHEAD Mentor applicants. The AIM-AHEAD Mentor Pool Application will be open from October 2, 2023, - October 13, 2023. All selected mentors should be notified by October 27, 2023.

Eligibility criteria for AIM-AHEAD Mentors

  • Expertise in (AI/ML or statistical analysis or EHR analysis expertise) and/or clinical, Social determinants of health expertise.
  • Prior Mentorship experience
  • Can come from different sectors such as industry, non-profit organizations, healthcare organizations, faith-based institutions, or academic institutions.

Expectations for AIM-AHEAD Mentors:

  • Mentors will make time and effort commitment towards mentorship of the mentee.
  • Mentors will facilitate access to expertise to conduct the work
  • Mentors will have monthly communication between AIM-AHEAD Mentors and Institutional Mentors (if any)
  • Mentors will attend mandatory month Research Fellowship Meetings.
  • Mentors will attend monthly check-in with the mentees for research progress and review mentee’s monthly progress report.
  • Mentors will provide mentees in field expertise and advice.
  • Mentors will have weekly communication between with Mentees and will add goals and task for mentee.
  • AIM-AHEAD Mentors will receive a stipend of $10,000 as allowed by their institutional policy.

Terms and Conditions for AIM-AHEAD Mentors:

The Terms and Conditions will include the benefits and responsibilities that the mentors agree to when they accept the AIM-AHEAD mentor role.

  • Mentors should have Ph.D., MD or equivalent qualification (such as PharmD., DNP, or Dr.PH) or very strong expertise in (AI/ML or statistical analysis or EHR analysis expertise) and/or clinical, Social determinants of health expertise..
  • Mentors will submit a W9, EFT, and signed contract.
  • Mentors should be associated with an organization (educational institution, private sector, community organization, etc.). Mentors cannot be individuals without an organizational affiliation.
  • Mentors will have no conflict of interest with AIM-AHEAD. A conflict of interest would be individuals that are AIM-AHEAD Research Fellowship Stakeholders, and current individuals that work with AIM-AHEAD Coordinating Center for the Research Fellowship.
  • AIM-AHEAD Coordinating Center members selected as AIM-AHEAD mentors should consult with their institutions about COI and acceptance of payment.
  • Mentors will be in good standing with their organization.
  • Mentors cannot have Mentees that are from the same institution/organization.
  • Mentors will include a 10K stipend benefits paid in two equal installments; first installment at mid-year and the second installment at the end of the year.
  • Mentor will adhere to AIM-AHEAD Coordinating Center policies, termination, non-compliant agreements, and these terms & conditions.
  • AIM-AHEAD MPIs can participate as AIM-AHEAD mentors but will not receive the mentor’s stipend per NIH requirements.

Note for mentors: For those who joined AIM-AHEAD as a mentor - Mentor Expertise Self Assessment is required to be included in the “research mentors” list.


Questions regarding the Fellows Program may be directed to Help Desk

AIM-AHEAD Research Fellowship Program PI: Dr. Jamboor Vishwanatha, PhD
Program Director: Dr. Paul Avillach, MD, PhD
Co-Director: Gloria Washington, PhD
Co-Director: Wyatt Bensken, PhD
Co-Director: Nawar Shara, PhD