AIM-AHEAD Research Fellowship 2022

Mentoring at your finger tips!

Welcome to AIM-AHEAD Research Fellowship Mentoring Program!

We would like to welcome all Fellows, Institutional Mentors, and AIM-AHEAD Mentors to the first cohort of the AIM-AHEAD Research Fellowship Program! We are extremely excited to have everyone join this Fellowship to conduct research on under-represented populations using AI/ML methodologies. This year's cohort has a diverse range of research goals and focus on promoting health equity such as mental health, diabetes, frailty, health access, and more. We hope all fellows are able to promote their research in the scientific community, aid in promoting health equity, and gain additional analytic capabilities using AI/ML.

Note for mentors: For those who joined AIM-AHEAD as a mentor - Mentor Expertise Self Assessment is required to be included in the “research mentors” list.

Questions regarding the Fellows Program may be directed to

The AIM-AHEAD Research Fellowship Program PI is Dr. Jamboor Vishwanatha, PhD, and the Program Director is Dr. Paul Avillach, MD, PhD.