AIM-AHEAD Leadership Fellowship 2023

Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders at the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Health Equity!

Welcome to AIM-AHEAD Leadership Fellowship Mentoring Program!

AIM-AHEAD Fellowship Program in Leadership will engage a diverse group of participants from under- represented populations to actively participate in mentored didactic and experiential educational activities to convey the leadership competencies necessary to promote and achieve the strategic imperatives of AIM-AHEAD.

The overarching goal of AIM-AHEAD is to increase the participation and engagement of researchers and communities currently underrepresented in AI/ML to utilize the power of AI/ML to achieve health equity through mutually beneficial partnerships. It has become clear even in the early stages of this initiative, that AI/ML lacks diverse researchers and underrepresented communities of practice. The acquisition of AI/ML skills by individuals from these diverse backgrounds, that go beyond academic settings and into the community, is essential to improve the science and increase the availability of relevant data. Yet technical competence alone does not guarantee the continued expansion and adoption of AI/ML among the populations of interest. It requires talented people of color and disadvantage from diverse settings sufficiently conversant in AI/ML to translate its promise for advancing health equity and who, in turn, can attract others to join in this common agenda.

This unique Leadership Fellowship program seeks to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to champion the use of AI/ML in addressing persistent health disparities in ways that sustain AIM-AHEAD beyond demonstrated scientific benefit and develop the human capital to promote continued engagement, adoption, and expansion at the level of programs, systems, and policies. Leadership Fellows will be matched with mentors based on AI/ML expertise, leadership experience, and sector.

Note for mentors: For those who joined AIM-AHEAD as a mentor - Mentor Expertise Self Assessment is required to be included in the “leadership mentors” list.


The AIM-AHEAD Fellowship Program in Leadership FAQs

Questions regarding the Fellows Program may be directed to

Director: Roland J. Thorpe, Jr., PhD
Co-Director: Robert Mallet, PhD
Project Manager: Yolanda Sifuentes, MEd